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Gas Infra Red Space Heaters

Gas Infrared Space Heaters

Similar to the way the Sun warms the earth, Gas Infrared Heaters direct Infra-red energy that is converted into heat when it reaches absorbing surfaces such as people, work surfaces and concrete floors. Unlike the systems such as unit heaters that just blow warm air which ends up rising to the roof along with your energy dollars, Infra red energy passes through the air, warming the object below where the heat is needed. Operating economically on clean Natural gas or Propane these heaters provide superior comfort by silently heating people and objects without moving air to transfer heat.

High Intensity Ceramic Heaters

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Perforated Ceramic panels engineered to absorb the maximum heat from thousands of small flames on its ceramic plaque surface, heating it up to 1650 degrees F. The heat then is radiated at short to medium wavelength to heat the surrounding objects, people, floor etc.. High intensity heaters are ideal for Spot heating ; heating the specific area or objects as well as space heating; heating inside of buildings, ware houses, mechanic shops etc. High Intensity Heaters are available in Single and Two Stage from 30,000 to 60,000 BTUH.

Low Intensity Tube Heaters

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An internal combustion of precise gas and air mixture provides heat to a tubular heat- exchanger which then radiates the low intensity long IR wavelengths to the surroundings. The radiant energy from the lower section of the tube directly heats the floor and the objects below. The mirror finish reflectors re-direct the upward radiant energy from the upper section of the tube back to the floor where it converted to heat.  The Flue gasses are then exhausted at the end of the long tube or can be directly vented outside. These heaters provide a soft pleasant continuous heat along the length of the tube from 10’ to 70 ‘long. Low intensity IR Tube Heaters are ideal for heating warehouses, garages, factories, airplane Hangers etc..

Compact Heater For Garages And Patios

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Residential Garage Heaters are Low Intensity Heaters designed specifically for residential garages and workshops. Unlike the convection Unit Heaters, IR Garage Heaters are quiet and extremely efficient saving home owners’ energy and cost. Similar to the Low Intensity Heaters, Residential Garage Heaters can be vented outside and are available from 10 ft to 20 ft, 40,000BTUH to 60,000 BTUH.

Residential Garage Heaters

Residential Garage Heaters

This compacted design of Low Intensity Heater condenses 15 ft of tube heat exchanger in a 2 ft by 4 ft by 4 Inch thick panel that can be utilized in Patios, Garages, Entrances, Restaurants outdoor sitting area, drop ceilings and many more applications. High, Medium and Low setting provides the right amount of heat for your application.


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