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Gas Infrared Heaters

Save 75% on single stage or two stage gas infrared heaters
With Versatile and Dependable High Intensity Heaters


Gas Infra Red Tube and Space Heaters

Gas Infrared Single Stage Heater     Gas Infrared Two Stage Heater

Single Stage

    Two Stage
Thermostat on/off operation maintains the temperature requirement of the building     Two stage High/Low operation automatically adjusts to  heat demand


2-Stage operation based on ambient temperature variations; eliminate excess heat when not needed. Capable of fast recovery when temperatures fall
“Optimal Combustion” in both operating stages – Air & gas ratios precisely matched for efficient, fuel saving operation
“Event Controlled Operation” – Can be activated by thermostat (temperature) but also by other sensors for sound, motion and light
Digital 2-stage, 24 volt thermostat results in fewer on-off cycles for improved comfort and longer heater life
24 volt input for lower installation costs
Instant heat on demand. Reaches maximum operating temperature in less than 30 seconds
No direct venting required: Less roof penetrations
Operates on Natural or LP/Propane Gas
Direct spark ignition with 100% safety shut-off of all burners
Factory wired, piped and tested
Highly polished Mirror Brite aluminum reflectors for maximum efficiency
Corrosion-free aluminized steel main frame
CSA International Design Certified to ANSI/CGA Standards
Limited one-year warranty


gas infrared heater applications

Loading Docks  Manufacturing Plants
 Zoos  Car Washes
 Auto Dealerships  Gymnasiums
 Airplane Hangars  Firehouses
 Vestibules  Tennis Courts
 Auto Body Shops  Warehouses
 Golf Driving Ranges  Ice & Roller Rinks

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Replacement Parts for High Intensity Ceramic Heaters

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