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Gas Infrared Tube Heaters

save energy with radiant tube heaters

Gas Infrared and Radiant Tube Heaters

Single Stage Low Intensity Radiant Tube Heaters     Two Stage Low Intensity Gas Infrared Tube Heaters

Single Stage

    Two Stage
Thermostat on/off operation maintains the temperature requirement of the building.     Two stage High/Low operation automatically adjusts to heat demand , saving energy and costs.

Low Intensity Gas Infrared Tube Heaters available in Patented 2-Stage design providing exact matching of air/gas flows at both high & low fire stages
Proven system design – over 30 years
Safe, reliable operation:

        Direct spark electronic ignition control, 100%         safety shut-off   

        Pre-purge cycle System and validation light
Aluminized titanium alloy combustion chamber
Simple chain mounting
CSA International Design Certified to ANSI/CGA Standards
Brite aluminum reflectors
98% reflectivity
91.7% reflectional efficiency (shape)
Rotatable reflector arrangements from 0° to 30°
Burner fully assembled & tested – ready to hang
Burner controls fully enclosed and isolated from combustion air
Factory installed wave turbulator for high efficiency
Options for Low Intensity Gas Infrared Tube Heaters: Recessed Ceiling Kit; Side Reflector; 90° Elbows; “U”-Bends;
“Y” Couplers; Inlet and Exhaust Kits; 50 Hz for Worldwide Operation


various applications for gas infrared tube heaters

 Aircraft Hangars Car Washes
 Auto Dealerships  Sports Facilities
 Farm Buildings  Loading Docks
 Fire Stations  Warehouses
 Body Shops  Maintenance Facilities



Gas Infrared Tube Heaters
Direct the heat where you need it. The 10' reflector rotates independently from 0 to 30 Degrees.
Radiant Tube Heaters

Heavy Duty 12 Gage Steel Heat Exchangers are twice the thickness of industry standard for greater durability.


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